Let the new journey begin!


Here we are, with a new shiny blog!

I decided to make another personal blog. But this is different from my previous one.

It’s in English.

I used to write in Italian since I’m Italian! But I realized that the preferred language is English for technical posts.

It isn’t an easy switch for me, because I love Italy and I wanted to spread some knowledge in my native tongue. But writing posts in Italian, I reach a niche of a niche… I don’t know if it’s so useful.

Another big reason is that all the references that I link in my blog posts were in English! So even an Italian reader should know English to understand the content properly.

It’s about my job

My previous blog was more personal, it started with no fixed idea on what I would write in it. In fact, it was more an exercise on how to deploy a Ghost blog and how to build a Gatsby website. The content inside it is more mixed: from photography, games and tech posts.

In this blog, I want to share with you my thoughts on my daily job, how I tackled some challenging task, or simply what I’m doing at work.

I want to share some content that is useful for other developers.

I hope that I’ll have some time to share this stuff and I hope you like them!

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